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Blaster 3

The Blaster 3 is the long-awaited successor of the award winning line of 1.5m DLGs from Vladimir's Model. Blaster 3 is a revolutionary step in development of DLG design based on the experience gained in development and manufacturing of the first two Blaster versions. It meets all the requirements for a competition level glider, while being suitable for intermediate and even beginner pilots.

Blaster 3 is designed in CAD from the ground up. It combines the unique design, the latest composite materials, state of the art manufacturing process and careful manual composite layup. Blaster 3's visible simplicity hides it's structural sophistication.

Thanks to the advanced aerodynamic design by Dr. Drela and an extremely streamlined fuselage, we have developed a uniquely controllable, fast, light, and strong glider with excellent penetration ability.

Several radical improvements have been made for the Blaster 3:

  • Blaster 3Blaster 3
  • Blaster 3Blaster 3

Tail Boom - The fuselage is no longer based on a pod and boom construction method. Instead, a single unit tube design saves weight while yielding a stronger structure. A new full-length carbon-fiber tube transfers the load of the ground impact without stressing the nose cone. The wing is directly attached to this tube.

Wing Mount - A new wing mount employs a cone-shaped mating surface which securely locks the wing to the fuselage with lightly torqued fasteners. High launch stresses are spread over the large cone surface instead of small crush-prone bolt openings. The main front wing mount is made from high strength carbon fiber with an embedded aluminum washer.

Easy Equipment Access - All RC gear is easily installed and accessible for maintenance, as the nose cone easily slips off the plane exposing the area.

Ballast Provision - The design offers a well thought out provision for ballast. A special lightweight ballast on-a-stick system inside the fuselage allows for the addition of ballast. Ballast may be added ranging from 1.4-2.8 oz.

Spread Tow Carbon Wing - A wing constructed with spread tow carbon surfaces providing additional stiffness, strength & ding resistance.

A complete hardware package consisting of all necessary clevises, screws, washers, carbon pushrods, pushrod tubing, carbon control horns and the carbon launch peg is included.


Wing Span

Wing Area

Flying Weight

Wing Loading




355 sq. in.

9.17* oz.

3.47 oz./sq. ft.



* depending on installed equipment

Availability, Pricing, Ordering:

Blaster 3
Special Order - Please call

Suggested RC Components

4 Hyperion DS09 or KST 08N Servos

JETI 6-ch. or Spektrum 6270T or AR410 Receiver


Color Configurator


Building Instructions

Wing Setup Template


Blaster 3 Replacement Parts

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