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AN-66 Video courtesy of Cedric Beeckmans

The AN-66 is a 1/3 scale version of the 18-meter Open class full-size glider that was built in 1966 and has a 23:1 aspect ratio. Benjamin Rodax & Philip Kolb designed the specialized airfoils, PB-950 PB-956, for this model keeping the GPS triangle racing project in mind. The model was originally produced by Fineworx. The design has proved to be the benchmark in GPS racing winning many events. Philip Kolb won the first GPS Triangle World contest in August 2016.

The root chord of the AN-66 is 33cm compared with 27cm for the comparable Antares model.

The AN-66 is delivered with pre-installed MKS 747 IDS servos for flaps and MKS 6130 servos for ailerons and elevators.

Due to the large size of the model and possible travel requirements, the AN-66 breaks down into four compact pieces that fit into the optional transport box (172x36x38cm).

Standard colors: top of wing - white (RAL 9003), bottom - blue (RAL 5022) or red (RAL 3020) or anthracite grey (RAL 7016). Optional paint schemes are available for an additional charge.


Wing Span


Wing Area

Flying Weight

Wing Loading


6.00 m

2.68 m

155.5 sq. dm

12.8-17.8 kg*

83-155g/sq. dm*


* depending on version and installed equipment

Availability, Pricing, Ordering:


Suggested RC Components

MKS HV747 Servos for Flaps

MKS HV1220 Servo for Retract/Tow Release


AN-66 Building Instructions (coming)


AN-66 Replacement Parts (coming)

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